Papers are to be submitted electronically on the EDAS web site of the conference in PDF format.

Submissions should be original and limited to 5 double-column pages, and should follow IEEE paper templates. Paper with more pages can be accepted however they need to be reduced to 5 pages for publication.

The best paper will be selected to be published in a special issue by Academypublisher.


Your paper must be printable in order to be accepted. The paper's cover page must include the following information:
- Title of paper.
- Authors' names and affiliations.
- Contact author's name and address (both postal and electronic).
- A short abstract.
- Keywords.
In order to submit, you must first create an EDAS account. The EDAS system will e-mail you your password. Then you can login to EDAS using the password you have received by email. EDAS will provide you with a submissions homepage where you can register your paper submission and make appropriate changes.

How to use EDAS to submit your paper:
- Create an account in the EDAS system at
- Login to EDAS using your username and password (sent via email).
- Click on the "submit paper" image to submit a new paper, or select an existing submission to edit.
- Fill in the detail of the paper. You will be required to provide information for co-authors not already registered with the system. Choose as many topics as apply to your paper. Choose the submit button to register you paper.
- Upload your paper using the provided form. You may choose not to upload a file immediately. You may upload a new version of your file at any time (prior to submission deadline) by returning to the EDAS system. Once you login, a list of submitted papers will be made available. Click on the upload image to upload a new version of your paper.
After submission, reviews of your paper can be accessed from your submission list.

If you have problems with the system, please e-mail




Important Dates

 Paper submission due date:
  January 23, 2012





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