Wireless Sensor Networks: Architectures (WSN 2014)


WSN workshop will be a one day workshop that will be held in conjunction with the IFIP New Technologies & Mobility (NTMS) 2014 Conference ( March 30th to April 2nd in Dubai, UAE. Papers published in the WSN workshop will appear in the proceedings of NTMS 2014 conference. Accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases. 

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) continue to attract a lot of attention from the academia and industry among researchers, industrials, equipment and chip manufacturers and service providers for promoting large-scale deployments in many applications, such as environmental monitoring, military and medical surveillance, health & wellness applications, intelligent traffic management and user’s tracking and identification, including human computer interaction.
With the advancement in wearable devices industry, the increasing potential of smart homes and environments and the continuous requirement for personalization and context-aware applications, WSNs enter a new technological era and contribute to several new sensing products and applications (e.g. body sensors for medical surveillance, wireless visual sensors for environmental monitoring, WSNs in smart roads for intelligent traffic management and roads safety, wireless sensors in wearable devices, speed and motion sensors in personal devices, light and noise sensors in smart phones and tablets). In parallel, new architectures spanning the interactions between cloud services, smart devices and distributed sensors are evolving, which enable new business models and deployments of sensors to enhance user benefit.
While continuous improvements are addressing specific WSN issues spanning hardware, new devices, network protocols, WSNs deployment architectures, operating systems, and applications, several research areas are still emerging from new needs and challenges. To address these issues, the NTMS'2014 Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) workshop invites unpublished, high-quality contributions that focus on the applications, use-cases, architectures, deployments, and recent advances of Wireless Sensor Networks. The workshop is an opportunity for researchers and industrials to share their ideas, experiences, and expectations on the future of WSNs. The workshop seeks original contributions that address the following topics, but not limited to:

  • WSNs new applications and use-cases including (wearable technologies, visual sensing technologies, smart homes and environments, smart roads and context-aware applications)
  • New architectures for WSNs
  • WSNs hardware and new devices 
  • Low-power wireless technologies
  • WSNs new protocols 
  • Routing and data transfer in WSNs
  • Multicast communication in WSNs
  • Security management in WSNs
  • Power consumption optimization in WSNs
  • Prototypes for new applications for WSNs 
  • Platforms and developments tools for WSNs
  • Programming models for sensors
  • Languages and operating systems of Sensors
  • Multi-purpose WSNs
  • WSNs trends on data gathering, processing, and communication
Distributed smart cameras/smart camera networks



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