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NTMS 2014 will be located in the Convention Center at Zayed University (Dubai Camp) | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

How to reach Zayed University (ZU) Campus ?

The area where the ZU campus is located called Al Ruwayyah

Driving directions to the Campus ( Al Ruwayyah Campus in Dubai)

Coming From Dubai City:
From the Al Ain Road, take Exit 16 to Academic City Road. On Academic City Road, take the first right and you will see Zayed University on your right. Alternatively, from Emirates Road, take Exit 44 (not Exit 50) to get on the Al Ain Road, in the Al Ain & Al Ruwayyah direction. From the Al Ain Road, take the next exit (Exit 16) to Academic City Road. On Academic City Road, take the first right and you will see Zayed University on your right.
How to reach the convention center at ZU campus ?





 About Zayed University

Zayed University was founded in 1998 to offer four-year baccalaureate degrees to the young women of the United Arab Emirates. The University also currently offers four master's degree programs. Approximately 3000 students attend the University, which has campuses in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Zayed University's mission is to prepare students for meaningful and successful twenty-first century lives, support the economic and social advancement of the U.A.E., and foster and promote the advancement of excellence and leadership. It seeks to accomplish this by producing graduates who, in addition to excelling in Arabic and English, are masters of the computer, well-grounded in the academic disciplines, fully prepared in a professional field and capable of providing leadership in the home, community and nation.

The curriculum of the University is modeled upon the best educational practices of leading universities around the world, but especially those found in the highest quality universities and colleges in the United States.

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Dubai is a thriving tourist destination that hosted over six million visitors in 2003. The city is also a commercial hub linking the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Indian subcontinent, and a regional center for finance, health care, information technology and media. Awe-inspiring projects such as Burj Dubai (world's tallest tower), Ski Dubai (the world's only indoor ski slope), Dubailand (a colossal leisure and entertainment complex), and offshore property development ventures such as The Palms and The World are rapidly transforming Dubai into city unlike any other in the world.

With guaranteed sunshine, sea, sand, sports, desert excursions, unbeatable shopping, top-class hotels and restaurants, an intriguing traditional culture, and a safe and inviting atmosphere, Dubai offers visitors the conference opportunity of a lifetime.

The United Arab Emirates

Located on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates is a prosperous, modern, peaceful nation. Founded in 1971, the country is young and dynamic, with a progressive leadership that is setting new trends in development for the Gulf region. The leadership and most segments of the population desire more prominent roles for women, who work side-by-side with men and, in fact, outnumber them in the country's higher education system. The country hosts a large population of expatriates, who live and work in a safe, tolerant and welcoming environment.

In the United Arab Emirates, a rich and enduring cultural heritage blends with the energy and excitement of one of the most rapidly changing areas on earth.

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