Title: Robust Green and Ad Hoc Networks by: Professor Khaldoun El-AGHA




 Abstract: Ad Hoc and Mesh networks face difficult environment to offer good communications. Indeed, interference, mobility and radio links provide often narrow bitrates and unstable links. In addition, devices are working on batteries and need to be low power. The talk introduces algorithms and mechanisms that offer stability and quality of service for ad hoc and mesh networks. Those algorithms are also low power with the function Start and Stop that turn off useless devices in the network.  



Khaldoun Al Agha, is full professor at Paris-Sud University and CEO/Co-Founder of Green Communications.

Khaldoun Al Agha received his habilitation degree (2002) from Paris XI University, his PhD (1998) and his Master degree (1995) from Versailles University and his engineering degree (1993) from the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (1993). Khaldoun Al Agha is a very active member at ICT Labs.

From 2010-2013, he was leading the European action line “Digital Cities of the Future”. In that action line, he was developing a new model, citizen-centric based to improve the urban environment. Khaldoun Al Agha is leading many projects on telecommunication networks and published more than 150 papers in journals and conferences.




Title:Cognitive Cars and Smart Roads- Applications, Challenges and Solutions by: Professor Azzedine Boukerche. FEiC, FCAE, FAAAS, Canada Research Chair Tier-1, University of Ottawa, Canada





Future generations of Vehicular Networks and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) will play an important role in providing transport services more effectively and more securely. The next stage in ITS development will be greatly influenced by the integration of distributed systems and architectures, as well as by open and common standards and service-oriented architectures.

This talk will consist in an overview about the major research projects related to the design of “cognitive” cars and smart roads applications, which we are currently investigating at the DIVA Strategic Research Network and PARADISE Research Laboratory, University of Ottawa. Next we shall focus on the main challenges, design issues and discuss some results obtained recently. Finally, if time permits, we will talk about LIVE testbed, a convergence of distributed simulation, wireless multimedia and vehicular sensor technologies we are developing at DIVA and PARADISE Research Laboratory for an urban vehicular grid. This testbed will facilitate and enable us to evaluate and design new protocols and applications for future generations of wireless vehicular and sensor network technologies.



Azzedine Boukerche is a Full Professor and holds a Canada Research Chair Tier-1 position at the University of Ottawa. He is the Scientific Director of NSERC-DIVA Strategic Research Network and Director of PARADISE Research Laboratory at Ottawa U. Prior to this, he held a faculty position at the University of North Texas, USA. He worked as a Senior Scientist at the Simulation Sciences Division, Metron Corporation located in San Diego. He spent a year at the JPL/NASA-California Institute of Technology where he contributed to a project centered about the specification and verification of the software used to control interplanetary spacecraft operated by JPL/NASA Laboratory.

Dr. Boukerche is a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the recipient of the Ontario Distinguished Researcher Award, the Premier of Ontario Research Excellence Award, the G. S. Glinski Award for Excellence in Research, The IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Award, and the University of Ottawa Award for Excellence. Dr. A. Boukerche serves as an Associate Editor for several IEEE Transactions and ACM journals, also serves as a Steering Committee Chair for several IEEE and ACM international conferences.

His current research interests include vehicular networks, sensor networks, mobile ad hoc networks, mobile and pervasive computing, wireless multimedia, performance evaluation and modeling of large-scale distributed systems, distributed computing, and large-scale distributed interactive simulation. Dr. Boukerche has published several research papers in these areas. He is the Editor of three books on mobile computing, wireless ad hoc and sensor networks.

Sunday the 20th. | Sixth IFIP International Conference on New Technologies, Mobility & Security (NTMS 2014) -
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