First International Workshop on Architectures and Technologies for Smart Cities


The smart cities concept is becoming more and more attractive and more cities around the world are adopting the idea, as evidenced by the SmartCity Malta, Kochi SmartCity, and the new project announced by the ruler of Dubai for a smart Dubai. Smart cities mandate is not to only maintain the quality of life of theirs residents and visitors, but also to improve it by leveraging the IT infrastructure and the novel communication technologies. Smart city is a model of efficiency, innovation, and ubiquitous access to a wide range of services. A city smartness can be assessed along several axes, including ‘smart living’, ‘smart economy’, ‘smart tourism’, ‘smart environment’, ‘smart mobility’, and ‘smart governance’.
The objective of this workshop is to provide a forum for academics, researchers and practitioners from around the world to present their results and exchange ideas on recent developments, current research challenges, and future directions towards building cities of the future. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: 

  • Intelligent traffic management 
  • Smart and efficient energy management
  • E-government services
  • Using mobile devices to access/offer services
  • Sensor networks for large-scale urban zones
  • Enhancing individuals’ everyday life (e.g. health, education, …)
  • Security and privacy when using smart systems
  • Experimental testbeds and simulation environments
  • Mechanisms to automate and facilitate tourism operations (e.g. visa, flights, smart gates, restaurant services, …)
  • Communication technologies/systems for smart cities
  • Emergency response and event planning
  • Social networks and leveraging human resources in urban environments
  • Internet of things for smart cities
  • Smart buildings and urban planning
  • Environmental sustainability



Call For Paper

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Submission Deadline:

February 7th, 2014: Paper Due Date 



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